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AquaPhoenix Scientific Featured in Nextec Group Customer Story

Here at AquaPhoenix Scientific we are always working towards making our business more efficient to better serve our customers. As we grow it means looking hard at how we conduct business to ensure it...

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Understanding Feed and Control Equipment

The chemical feed and control system is key to the success of a water treatment solution. Along with delivering the water treatment chemistry to the system, the feed and control equipment package...

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How to Analyze Your Water Testing Results

Routine water testing is a necessity for industrial water systems. These include cooling towers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, drinking water, wastewater, ultra-pure water, and others....

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Overcoming Integration Challenges for New Water Treatment Systems

Historically, water treatment feed and control systems have functioned as stand-alone controls and have seldom been integrated with the facility water treatment systems. While possible, integrating...

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Employee Spotlight: Vengierell King

Vengierell King, PVC Fabricator at AquaPhoenix, reminds us to always ask questions and proclaims his love for pizza in this employee spotlight interview. 

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Employee Spotlight: Robert Nalley

Robert Nalley, Metal Fabricator at AquaPhoenix, sat down to discuss his approach to custom builds and may surprise you with his favorite food. 

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Employee Spotlight: Taylor Segovia

Taylor Segovia, QA & Software Support at AquaPhoenix, discusses behind-the-scenes software support and gives his best Robin Williams impression.

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The Ultimate Panel Wishlist

Building a Panel to Make the Water Treaters Life Easier

Around AquaPhoenix, we are always talking about continuous improvement and looking for ways to advance our manufacturing operations and the...

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Employee Spotlight: Courtney Repman

Courtney Repman, Purchasing Manager at AquaPhoenix, discusses her work, trip to India, and more.

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