Roxane Ohl - Apr 22, 2020

Featured Kit: Recycling Plastics by Density

Use a flow chart template and a simple sink or float method to explore recycling of plastics by density. Great for introducing the concept of recycling as students may differentiate plastics they collect to determine how the plastic should be recycled in their community.

Includes support materials for teaching middle and high school topics and a differentiated lesson plan for grade level 3-5. Includes support information for teaching the properties of plastic polymers, chemical structures, recycling descriptions, and density ranges for each recyclable polymer. Extension activities support age differentiated learning for K-12.

1-145-Recycling Plastics by Density Mini KitKemtec Kit 1-145 Recycling Plastics by Density Single Kit


1-143_Recycling Plastics by Density Class KitKemtec Kit 1-143 Recycling Plastics by Density Class Kit


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Written by Roxane Ohl