Roxane Ohl - Mar 17, 2020

Featured Kit: Oil Spill Jr

Why do teachers choose interdisciplinary project based learning experiences like Oil Spill Junior?

So many things to learn!

Overwhelmed by the constant need to keep today’s students stimulated and entertained? Project-based learning helps. Engaging, well planned lessons help to focus every student’s attention, enabling you to introduce multiple concepts to students who otherwise have their attention pulled in way too many directions. The deeper, more interwoven the lessons, the more students are drawn in, and the more effectively they remember. Young students enjoy playing make believe…and suddenly they have become scientists and engineers!

As students become intrigued by real world problems associated with oil spills, Oil Spill Junior creates the platform to learn oh so many things!

  • Observation and measuring
  • Physical properties of matter
  • Scientific process
  • Using models
  • Data collection and recording
  • Integrating writing
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Real world issues
  • Engineering concepts
  • Following instructions
  • Environmental issues
  • Human effects on wildlife
  • Early researching skills
  • Literary connections with science
  • Integrating math, science, reading, and writing
  • Supporting an argument with data

Students experience how engineers and scientists approach oil spill disasters as they create their own oil spill models and use them to simulate basic oil containment and removal techniques. They learn to measure data and compare results. Inquiry based lessons allow differentiated learning as students implement scientific process and establish problem solving skills. The perfect hands-on activity to pair with your favorite elementary level oil spill book or online news resources.

Teachers manual, materials, and supplies included. Just add water. Plan for 4-6 hours of activities. Designed to accommodate 32 students working in pairs.

An ideal STEM experience for supporting NGSS K-2-ETS1-2 Engineering Design & 3-5-ETS1 Engineering Design and Structure and Properties of Matter 2-PS1-1 & 2-PS1-2 Order Kemtec part number OS-5315-JR.

OS-5315-JR_Oil Spill Jr KitKemtec Kit OS-5315-JR Oil Spill Jr

No need to stop here! Continue to associate future activities with the Oil Spill theme. Tying subsequent lessons to past positive experiences sets students up for success! 

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Written by Roxane Ohl