Sabrina Krebs - May 15, 2020

Meet Matt

Matt Hoke

Hi, I’m Matt Hoke, and I’ve been part of the AquaPhoenix Team for two and a half years as a Quotes Specialist.

My job includes kit design, pricing, and initial setup, but I also work closely with our Sales Reps and customers to ensure our finished products meet and exceed expectations!

For probably my whole life, my favorite subject was Math, so I’m glad to be employed in a field that lets me be an Excel nerd all day!

One of my passions is cooking, so on the weekends, you can likely find me in the kitchen at our local Buffalo Wild Wings.

When I’m not working, I enjoy watching TV, playing a video game, or spending time with friends and family. In the warmer months, I spend most of my evenings kayaking on the lake or attempting to play disc golf – I’m not very good! Otherwise, I am likely sitting outside with a few of my very spoiled barn cats.

Written by Sabrina Krebs