Sabrina Krebs - Aug 21, 2020

Meet Henry

Henry B

Henry Buschinski is Vice President here at AquaPhoenix Scientific. He joined the team in 2012 and has seen major growth within the organization over the past eight years. Most drastically, when he came on board, the Education Division had one major customer that has now grown to over 100. 

The pandemic has created its fair share of challenges for the Education group. Our supply chain has been disrupted and the unpredictability of school closings has created many hurdles for us to overcome. Forecasts have gone out the window as an influx of homeschooling resources are now needed. 

"The whole industry is on edge and we just continue to be fluid and embrace change each and every day."

Henry is an avid golfer and enjoys fishing in his spare time. He lives in the Hanover area with this wife of thirty four years and laments about not spending enough time with his daughters who are off at college and beyond. There's no mistaking he's a Yankees fan the minute you walk into his office. 

Meet Fred

Written by Sabrina Krebs