Sabrina Krebs - Oct 17, 2019

Meet Emma

45126490_2242605762450541_6412956862412488704_oMy name is Emma Myers. I have been with AquaPhoenix for 7 years and my official job title is Customer Service Representative Level II and Sales Support. That is a really fancy way of saying that I do a little bit of everything.

I love working for AquaPhoenix! The atmosphere and people are fantastic – it really feels like working with family. I enjoy talking about and promoting our Kemtec line. All of the kits are created to be educational and engaging, and I get to try them out at work occasionally.

Outside of work I spend most of my time with my daughter participating in ballet and musical theatre, but in my downtime I am an avid reader and I volunteer as a foster-mom to a local dog rescue. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am gearing up for an exciting spooky season that includes all of the fall activities!

Written by Sabrina Krebs