Sabrina Krebs - Jun 13, 2022

Meet Brianna

We are very happy to have Brianna as part of our Customer Service team here at AquaPhoenix. She holds the position of Customer Service Level II. Among her responsibilities, she is in charge of training our new staff members. We take customer service very seriously around here, so it’s a lot of responsibility to instill our company values during the onboarding process. Brianna says it has been a pleasure to take on this role within the organization. 

Brianna has worked for AquaPhoenix for seven years. “I love helping people and working through and solving problems for our customers.”

Her favorite subject in school was always English. “I was the oddball that loved writing essays! I think it has certainly helped me in some ways with my current role today.”


In her spare time, Brianna enjoys spending time with her vibrant and very wild 2-year-old daughter and two lab rescues.The family enjoys finding new parks to explore and swimming in their family pool in the summertime.During the summer last year, Brianna's daughter had to undergo some hip surgeries, so they stayed inside all summer. . “We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer with new parks and experiences.”

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Written by Sabrina Krebs