Sabrina Krebs - Mar 23, 2021

Meet Brandon

Brandon Taylor is the Director of Education Sales at AquaPhoenix Scientific. He joined the company in 2005 with a focus on education since day one.

Part of his role includes visiting international vendors to strengthen our supply chain and ensure quality standards are met for AquaPhoenix’s products. While he enjoys the chance to travel, his favorite part of the job is problem-solving.

"We design hands-on kits that take a curriculum lessons and turn them into meaningful hands-on experiences for students."

The goal is not only to match lessons with lab materials that work well, but to go about it in a cost-effective manner.

Taylor Family Photo


Brandon and his family are an active crew. They enjoy biking and hiking. Their pets include chickens, dogs, a cat, and a rescue bunny named Leonard.

Meet Henry

Written by Sabrina Krebs