Roxane Ohl - Nov 1, 2019

Featured Kit: Force and Motion

Guide elementary students in an exciting exploration of how and why things move with Kemtec’s Forces & Motion: Pushes & Pulls kit.

1-010_Force & Motion

Kemtec Kit 1-010: Force and Motion: Pushes and Pulls

Build a race track and examine the effects of object shape, component materials, mass, surface texture, and track angle. Explore energy transfer through collisions in one and two dimensions, and play games that apply knowledge about pushes and pulls.

Add Kemtec’s Forces & Motion: Car Building kit and you have everything you need for running the Kindie 500 performance task challenge while tackling the engineering design standards. 

1-010-PT_Force and Motion Performance TaskKemtec Kit 1-010-PT Force and Motion Car Building Performance Task

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Written by Roxane Ohl