Roxane Ohl - Feb 24, 2020

Featured Kit: Environmental Extremes

Is this year’s goal to develop capable scientific minds?  Have your entire classroom researching and discovering how acid rain, drought, saline soils, and erosion affect plant growth.  Activities range from investigating the effects of extreme environmental conditions on germination and growth using plant models - to the microscopic examination of fresh plant tissues - to testing and costing an erosion control system – to designing and running independent experiments. 

Nine guided experimental activities with concise stepwise procedures lead your students through a complete introductory unit modeling scientifically sound hands on experimentation for investigating current environmental issues.  An ideal resource for modeling and investigating Earth's systems, the effects of human activity on the environment, and design solutions for real world problems. 

EE-5010-KITPLUSKemtec Kit EE-5010-KITPLUS

All the materials you need are available in our Basic Kit (EE-5000-KIT).  Looking to add more technology to your classroom?  We offer a Deluxe Kit with pH meters and digital scales (EE-5010-KITPLUS).  Appropriate for middle school and up.

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Written by Roxane Ohl