Roxane Ohl - Jan 9, 2020

Featured Kit: Elementary Energy

It’s coming!

State test time looms around the corner, but you still have time to prepare. And your class can have a lot of fun doing just that.

Elementary Energy was designed to include pertinent topics for elementary school teachers to use in preparing or reviewing for state testing. The teacher who requested this kit for her district wanted hands on activities to support the energy concepts students would need to know.

1-190_Elementary Energy KitKit 1-190 Elementary Energy

Students learn about kinetic and potential energy using cars on race tracks. They explore waves using Slinkys and boats in water. They experience materials that are conductors and insulators and visualize evidence of heat passing through water, air, and solids. Through a series of stations, students observe the refractive, reflective, and absorptive properties of light. Students build string phones and a drum to explore how sound travels through air and solids. Electrical circuits are used to show how energy can be converted from electricity to light, sound, and motion. Finally, students examine evidence of a chemical reaction.

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Written by Roxane Ohl