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Employee Spotlight: Robert Nalley

Robert Nalley, Metal Fabricator at AquaPhoenix, sat down to discuss his approach to custom builds and may surprise you with his favorite food. 

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Employee Spotlight: Taylor Segovia

Taylor Segovia, QA & Software Support at AquaPhoenix, discusses behind-the-scenes software support and gives his best Robin Williams impression.

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The Ultimate Panel Wishlist

Building a Panel to Make the Water Treaters Life Easier

Around AquaPhoenix, we are always talking about continuous improvement and looking for ways to advance our manufacturing operations and the...

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Employee Spotlight: Courtney Repman

Courtney Repman, Purchasing Manager at AquaPhoenix, discusses her work, trip to India, and more.

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Employee Spotlight: Edgar Vidana

Edgar Vidana, Electrical Fabricator at AquaPhoenix, discusses what it's like out on the shop floor and his incredible journey to becoming a U.S. Citizen. 

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Employee Spotlight: Carrie Zeigler

Carrie Zeigler, Lead Education Planner at AquaPhoenix, discusses her role, the importance of GAS, and more.

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Employee Spotlight: Deb Karr

Deb Karr, Senior Manager, Customer Service at AquaPhoenix, discusses her work, the importance of soft skills, and more.

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The Phoenix Color-Changing Cocktail

Back in 2017, when we moved into our new HQ in Hanover, PA we hosted an open house to celebrate the new digs. An open house is never complete without a signature cocktail, and so 'The Phoenix...

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Boiler Fall Start-up

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, facilities fire up their boilers for comfort heating. Water treatment professionals will begin their seasonal routine checking programs and products...

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Get to the [END]POINT

How static charge affects drop count test results

When performing a drop count tests, it’s important to minimize interferences that may affect your results. In this blog, we will discuss the...

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